“Wishful thinking” mistake and what can we learn from it

This summer vacation, after two challenging years of Covid and personal issues, brings me the perfect time to reflect on my priorities, mistakes and things that need to be changed both in my businesses and relations.


I know that nowadays people are mostly willing to talk about success and inspiration (Insta is full of it…) but success is based on mistakes, failures and continuous learning. So, since many of you knows that I am a straight, sincere and authentic person, I would like to share with you my “wishful thinking” mistake. First of all, need to be empathic and emotional involved and put people first to have such a mistake, so this is not for everyone!!😊


As a mentor and startup advisor, in the last couple of years, I put many efforts, time, work and value in several relations and unfortunately few of them finally brings me huge disappointments. Those people will remain good and smart to me so it is not about them, it is mainly about my wishful thinking mistake. I wanted to believe in them, in their evolution and in their success more than themselves.


What I learn form this wishful thinking approach?


1. Always but always trust your guts! For me this is crucial.

Unfortunately, there were times and situations in which even if all my feelings told me to leave a certain relation, my emotional and emphatic side push me to continue that relation which was proven to be so wrong in the end. Considering that I put huge efforts, time, know-how and emotions in that relation it was for me a big disappointment but first of all was my mistake of wishful thinking. So, trust your gut all the time and act accordingly!


2. Not everyone is made for us and we should not engage in long captive relations with people that don’t deserve it.

There are plenty of “Sayers” nowadays but how many of them are also “doers” or “givers”? I learned to validate a potential mentee or partner in few months which are more than enough to understand how type of a person you deal with. Respect yourself, respect your value and if you consider is not the right person for you let it go. Don’t use your time and efforts in a bad and captive long relation.


3. Don’t chase people! The right people, the ones there are meant to be for you will come to you. What is meant to be yours will eventually be yours and what is not will not be, no matter how hard you try it. Just keep your values, your work, your continuous learning and be open to the right ones.


4. Prioritize your relations.

Like in business or investments, we should priorities in which relations and persons to put our best. We cannot do this with 100 persons at the same time. Select and prioritize the ones who really worth it. It is not about a volume, it is about trust, chemistry, respect and finally about implementation and working together.


All these experiences made me stronger and better, both as a professional and human being. I am not upset on anyone and I wish all the best to all the persons that I was in contact at a point in my journey. The best part is that meanwhile the universe already brings me wonderful and amazing people who became part of my journey. And most important, even I have faced mistakes and disappointments regarding some specific relations I still believe in people, more than ever. Thanks to all the amazing people around me! Great news to come!

Your mentor and partner,


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